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About Us

​The ORLEN Apsauga UAB was registered as a subsidiary of the Polish ORLEN Ochrona Sp. z o.o. on 16 April 2012. The subsidiary started its activities in Lithuania on 1 July 2012, securing the Mažeikiai oil refinery and the Būtingė petrol terminal.

ORLEN Apsauga develops its potential and professionalism, which form the basis of the quality services provided by the company, using the extensive experience of ORLEN Ochrona’s employees and ORLEN Lietuva’s internal security guards, who were responsible for securing the Mažeikiai refinery until July 2012.

Bearing client satisfaction in mind, we have always applied high standards to our security services, adjusting the way we ensure physical security to the specificity of particular premises and the potential threats with which they may be faced.

The employees of ORLEN Apsauga have the necessary qualifications to perform their security tasks. They all carry firearms, have means of physical coercion and wear identical uniforms. What also helps them to ensure immediate physical security are electronic security systems.

ORLEN Apsauga is currently providing the ORLEN Lietuva with the security of people and property in terms of the broadly taken protection of the Mažeikiai oil refinery and the Būtingė petrol terminal. Moreover, the company is delivering specialist services connected with reception areas, safety audits as well as pedestrian and motor vehicle traffic on company premises.

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