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Safety Audit

We offer these specialist services mainly to businesses whose technical advancement level is high. Having gained vast experience on the European market, our company provides safety audit services which consist in the following:

  1. verifying the conformity of our clients’ existing security systems with the principles of their safety policies;
  2. identifying the weak points found during the safety tests which we conduct on site;
  3. analysing our clients’ needs in terms of safety/security measures, and determining the areas which require specialist security measures;
  4. submitting the collected safety-related data, analyses and recommendations to our clients;
  5. delivering consulting services to our clients (in terms of the implementation of the recommended safety/security systems).

Reports are issued at the last stage of each safety audit; they comprise all the recorded findings. Our standard safety audits are oriented to both testing premises in terms of their proper protection and showing weak points of their physical and technical security systems. The three aspects listed below are what we focus on while conducting our standard physical security audits:

  1. physical security of the premises owned by our clients;
  2. technical security of the premises;
  3. verification of the procedures connected with pedestrian and motor vehicle traffic on the premises.


  • the way the premises are secured with regard to potential dangers, the existing security/safety plans and procedures as well as the effectiveness of the existing physical security systems;
  • the organisational structure of the security department, including particular positions and the duties/responsibilities assigned to them;
  • the means used by the security guards’ for internal communications;
  • the security documents connected with the security guards’ performance, security procedures, and security staff professional regulations;
  • the division of the premises into sections, including the security guardrooms and sub-guardrooms assigned to particular sections;
  • the permanent and temporary guards, patrols and other security forms implemented by each guardroom personnel;
  • the rules for controlling/supervising the security personnel;
  • the forms and scopes of the registers/records used for security purposes, including the way the door keys to the buildings are managed and distributed;
  • the ways and forms in which the security services are reported on;
  • the means of physical coercion, security devices and other equipment used to perform security tasks.


evaluating the security devices installed on our clients’ premises, and advising on the potential changes to be introduced in terms of securing the premises by means of electronic systems such as:

  • burglary and robbery security systems;
  • closed circuit television systems;
  • video cameras at each security guard;
  • access control systems and punch clock systems


  • the source materials/documents which form the basis of the fulfilment of tasks connected with pedestrian and motor vehicle traffic;
  • personal and material passes enabling staff, vehicles and materials to enter and leave the premises;
  • procedures for authorising security personnel to go through certain gates on the premises and to drive materials and goods into/out of the premises;
  • the ways in which the abovementioned documents are recorded, archived and handed over to our clients or any third parties;
  • the circulation of documents concerning staff and materials/goods between our clients and their security personnel;
  • our clients’ participation in pedestrian and motor vehicle traffic on their company premises (including the forms of registers containing their employees and the scopes of their authority).
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