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Physical Security

Our key objective is to protect the premises where we ensure the security of people and property in the best possible way. Assuring our clients complete safety is what we strive for.

We recruit and train our employees in such a way that they are able to secure particular premises and meet particular clients’ requirements. As a result, they are perfectly prepared for handling situations in which they are exposed to danger. Depending on the specificity of the protected premises and the type of potential dangers, our qualified security personnel are equipped with certain firearms and means of physical coercion.
We spare no effort to properly fulfil each task which we take upon ourselves. Each time we go on on-site visits before we start securing any premises, regardless of their size and specificity. In order to prepare the best possible offer for our clients, we discuss various safety-related issues with them and analyse potential threats in detail. Consequently, we can adjust the security forms to the security devices used on particular premises, and adopt solutions which guarantee high-level safety. Furthermore, we prepare the necessary documentation in the form of security plans or security instructions covering, among other things, the specificity of the premises, their location, the existing security devices, potential threats, the type of business activity and our clients’ suggestions.

What also facilitates the protection of our clients’ premises are the integrated systems of immediate physical security and electronic security devices which we have created. Combined with the supervision exercised by our qualified and well-trained security guards, these modern systems ensure the effective video surveillance of premises and protection form trespassers. What is more, our company applies systems which improve the supervision over our security guards’ performance; the systems enable one to exercise real-time supervision of the security rounds of one’s premises and to conduct comprehensive analyses of such performance. Also, these systems help to plan both foot and motorised security patrols, contributing to the improvement of the security services offered by our company.

The action described above exerts considerable, beneficial influence on crime prevention, in particular theft and burglary prevention, in the case of the premises which are secured by ORLEN Apsauga.
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